The deployment of ITS technologies and systems often benefit from a formal, independent evaluation. Athey Creek Consultants has developed evaluation plans that present a project’s evaluation goal, lay out assumptions and hypotheses, establish performance measures and targets and outline test procedures. Once an evaluation plan is executed and data is analyzed, Athey Creek produces a final report to help clients understand the technology or system performance and to capture lessons learned for future deployments. Athey Creek staff has experience with both quantitative evaluations and qualitative evaluations for a variety of clients.

Rural Safety Innovations Program (RSIP) Independent Evaluations
The United States Department of Transportation (USDOT) Rural Safety Innovation Program (RSIP) is one of several key programs under the department’s Rural Safety Initiative. Twelve ITS deployments were selected for deployment and evaluation by an independent evaluation team. The RSIP evaluations were defined to assess the effectiveness of the specific technologies being deployed, conduct a qualitative assessment of the experiences and lessons learned, and assess the impacts of the ITS deployments. Athey Creek Consultants, as a subcontractor to Battelle, has served as the site lead on five of the 12 deployment sites. Athey Creek staff evaluated curve warning systems, intersection conflict warning systems, an augmented speed enforcement system, and a low visibility detection and warning system.