Systems Engineering

Systems engineering is a process used in ITS projects to define, design, implement, validate and operate a system or technology. The Federal Highway Administration requires a systems engineering analysis for all ITS projects using Federal funds according to the Code of Federal Regulations – Title 23, Chapter 1, Subchapter K, Part 940.11. Athey Creek Consultants has completed concepts of operation, defined system requirements, developed test plans, completed system designs, developed systems, conducted evaluations and provided operational training for a variety of ITS projects and clients.

Integrated Corridor Management – Minnesota
Minnesota’s Integrated Corridor Management (ICM) project united freeway, arterial and transit management to optimize transportation management and traveler information throughout the I-394 corridor in Minneapolis. Athey Creek Consultants was the prime contractor of a team to conduct the initial portions of a systems engineering analysis for this project. Athey Creek developed the concept of operations and system requirements for the project by facilitating discussions with nine stakeholder groups from city, county, transit and state traffic agencies across the transportation and emergency services professions. As part of the national ICM program, this project was performed under strict guidance from the USDOT Systems Engineering Team.