Traveler Information Planning

Whether an agency is developing a first generation traveler information system or has several established traveler information systems, the planning required to support traveler information deployments is somewhat unique. Such planning requires an understanding of the traffic management and operations functions that will impact the information delivered to travelers. It also requires a customer service and business planning orientation around services and systems not traditionally managed by a transportation agency. Athey Creek Consultants has provided traveler information planning to clients by conducting needs assessments, researching new policies and trends, assessing technology and operational alternatives, forecasting user demand, developing program plans and helping select vendors.

AKDOT Next Generation Traveler Information
Athey Creek Consultants was contracted by the Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities (AKDOT&PF) to complete a systems engineering analysis for a next generation of 511 telephone and internet traveler information systems. Athey Creek surveyed users of the existing system, developed a concept of operations and requirements for the new system, assessed implementation and technology alternatives, developed a request for proposals to be released by AKDOT, supported negotiations with the contractor, and then transitioned into roles for design review and acceptance testing.

NCHRP Synthesis of Traveler Information Best Practices
Athey Creek Consultants was contracted by the National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) to develop a synthesis documenting the current state-of-practice for real-time traveler information in the United States. In this project, Athey Creek surveyed and documented the current status of real-time traveler information systems, as well as the needs and expectations of travelers. Athey Creek spoke with and surveyed representatives from every available public traveler information system, providing extensive exposure to the approaches, challenges and success stories of systems in 2009. The final report is published as NCHRP Synthesis 399.